Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Putting down roots.

Isn't it amazing how fast things grow.   I can remember growing a bean in a jam jar on pink blotting paper at primary school and seeing it grow, and it is still with a childlike amazement that I watch our vegetables take shape.

On our 'big planting day' we also planted spinach and beetroot seeds, and in no time at all they were poking their little heads above the parapet,  and after a couple more of days watering and sun, we have healthy and robust plants with only a few gaps.



The 'long stemmed' Greyhound cabbages kindly given to me by the local nursery, look amazing, and are really starting to grow apace, which is heartening as they were meant for the compost.

The Winter cabbage is also doing well, and I must admit that I quite like the effect when watering of the little white fly nymphs floating about. I know this is the wrong thing to say as they are, apparently, bad for cabbages.  

We have lost some of the Leeks, but have acquired some new healthier seedlings which are now happily growing alongside, the original brood.  
And now like every good gardener I long for rain.

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  1. We are a bit behind you with the planting- the green manure is dug in now for the raised beds- have to wait a week and then we can plant up some plants temporarily in pots- cabbage, leeks and broccoli. We have some potatoes chitting for hopefully a christmas harvest, so they will go out soon as well. Tomatoes and runner beans going well though as they were in the greenhouse and front garden respectively earlier in the summer. We are also getting some autumn raspberries which is very nice to.