Thursday, 4 August 2011

Planting. Don't stand so close to me.

I couldn't wait to start planting the only thing I was sure of was that I wanted to grow Gooseberries
Fiona mentioned that she had seen bare-root plants at Homebase, I am impatient though and can't wait, so I want to buy large establish plants, which I found during a trip to Didlington Nursery,  I chose a green fruit gooseberry, Leveller, and a red dessert gooseberry Whinham's Industry. I also opted for a Jostaberry bush, a cross between a Blackcurrent and a Gooseberry.

We had de-weeded and, prepared the designated area by digging in plenty of manure, and having planted our fruit bushes we stood back and admired our work and felt quite proud.

As we stood there in the afterglow of our achievement Fred, the holder of a much admired allotment approached and said “ you've planted them too close “ He is right of course, I hadn’t read the label.

We will leave the Gooseberry plants where they are,  move the Jostaberry and remove the supports.    
It's all a learning curve. 

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  1. The good thing about your allotment is you can space things out - more space is better than too close.

    Gooseberries definitely benefit from air around them as they are prone to mildew. Although because of very dry springs in the past couple of years this hasn't been a problem.

    Whinham's Industry is lovely! I miss mine, it sadly died so I replaced with a Hinnomaki Red - had a splendid crop this year but and the day I decided to photograph it, blog about it and pick & eat it, the pigeons snaffled the lot!!!!!

    Netting them might be a good idea too.