Monday, 8 August 2011

Planting. Part II.

On a recent trip to our local nursery whilst buying garden plants, I mentioned to the owner that we had taken an allotment, on hearing this she scurried to an area of the greenhouse obviously designated for unwanted, dying or dead plants, and brought back two trays of cabbages although green, they had bolted ( they are the variety called Greyhound so this seemed appropriate) and had a 17 centimetre stem on them, there were also 2 marrow plants completely pot bound but they deserved a chance and they were free.

I know it's not the 'done thing' but I so want to get started, that I succumbed and went to Homebase and bought Leeks and Cabbages, January King, I also bought seeds (must be patient) Beetroot and Spinach.

Oh the excitement of planting our first veggies, that's the easy bit,we then have to erect a anti-pigeon device, i.e. netting and sticks.

We opted for what seems the most popular Leek planting method which is, not to be too technical, but making a hole with a dibber twirling in your Leek seedling and filling in the hole with water, this will allow your Leek stems to be long and white.  The white part is where the stem is blanched underground hidden from sunlight.

I have to be honest I don't hold out much hope for the Leeks, but fingers crossed.

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