Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Frogs and Ponds.

Whilst turning our compost we disturbed a frog from it's hiding place, it leaped into the next door allotment which gave our neighbour Mike a start as he wary of frogs, but happened to mention that our plot once had a pond.

My husband Steve, loves a pond and although we have one in the garden I knew what he was thinking. I stole his thunder “ we will have to have a pond now then” I said.

There is mint bed on our plot which we have decided to leave, the small area in front of it seemed an ideal place for our pond, we marked out the shape and I left Steve to do the digging.

By the time he had finished digging the pond hole it had tripled in size, “it's too big” . Steve was adamant that it has to be large so it doesn’t go murky. I disagree. Negotiations are intense and carry on late into the night .(not really). They last 10 minutes and an agreement is reached.

We make it a little smaller.

Hole dug, we lined it with some old carpet and then using the black plastic that I salvaged from my mothers replacement windows, we folded the sheet into four and lay it in the hole. The levels looked pretty good but you can only really tell when you fill it with water.

Hose pipes are forbidden, so armed with only watering cans filling the pond took some time.
We had scavenged bits of wood and slate to hopefully make the pond as naturalistic as possible.

Now all we need now are frogs.  

If you build it, they will come.

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