Friday, 19 August 2011

A few days in Devon and a flurry of planting.

I was seriously considering planting green manure as we have a lot of exposed earth, but whilst visiting my Mother in Devon last week I went to her local nursery and noticed Dwarf green curled Borecole and Black Tuscany Kale.

I have never eaten either,the only criterea that interests me is "can I plant it now?".

The answer being yes, I selected what I thought to be the healthiest specimens, this takes some considerable time and is always a bit like 'Sophies Choice' for me as I feel guilt for the rejected ones.
So as me and the chosen ones wended our merry way back to Suffolk, I was already planning a trip out to the Risby Farm Shop, a fantastic Nursery and Farm Shop just off the A14, it did not disappoint I left there with 12 Brussel Sprout plants (Wellington) 12 'Caulies' and 12 Lettuce (winter density) each at £1.50.


We also built a cage ( I use the term loosely) using plumbing tubes and netting, built optimistically high.

Our allotment is finally looking looking like a proper allotment.
I'm loving the time spent out doors and the sky tonight was beautiful.

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