Sunday, 4 September 2011

Pond's Progress.

Just when I thought my Birthday couldn’t get any better I got the best surprise ever.
A frog in our pond sitting there quite happily, surveying all around him.

Although we built the pond to attract Frogs I certainly didn't expect results so soon, so seeing him made me feel honoured that he had chosen our pond to inhabit I just hope he stays.

We tried to make the pond as attractive as possible to Frogs, they are secretive animals so we have planted perennial plants which hopefully will make them feel safe and secure.

We looked at providing four basic needs, shelter. moisture, food and a place to breed.

We have placed logs and old sleepers around the edges, and also partially buried a five inch diameter drain pipe so there are plenty of damp hiding places.

As for the food, frogs eat moths, snails, flies and beetles, we have these in abundance on our plot, also when the water is balanced or dechlorinated there will be water beetles, pond skaters and we already have resident water boatmen.

Frogs like shaded and plant filled ponds. The pond is shaded by the neighbours apple tree and as soon as we filled the pond we put in Floating Pennywort which is not only an oxygenating plant but is also evergreen and Elodea Canadensis which is oxygenating and not too invasive. We added some Duckweed from our own pond.

Hopefully we have the balance right and he or she will stay.

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  1. I'm so pleased that you are housing my frog until I make the ultimate pond on my allotment! Just 200 yards away...

    Seriously, well done! S and you create fabulous ponds for fish and wildlife. No wonder he moved in. He's small so I reckon that he's probably male.