Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Duck Day Afternoon.

The torrential rain forced us to have a reluctant day off from the allotment, but there is always plenty to do at home.

We have a garden which is always at it's best in Spring, although this year we have managed to keep colour going all summer long, it is definitely a shadow of it's former glory, so it is at this stage that we allow our ducks to have the freedom of the garden.

We have five ducks, a pair of Indian Runners, and three White Campbells. They have a large run and also have access to a 10 acre paddock behind our house, but there is nothing they like better than rummaging around the garden, and take great pleasure in foraging in the flower beds for slugs, and snails.

If they did this in the Spring I would not be pleased, but now with the decidedly autumnal weather I am happy to see them on their search and destroy mission.  Especially as they provide us with the most delicious eggs.

In 2009 the results of a study which cost over £300000.00 showed us that ducks like rain.
It took researchers three years to conclude that after being offered several alternative water supplies,
ducks preferred standing under a rain shower to a dip in a pond.

Anyone who keeps ducks could tell you this, their joy of rain is palpable, so instead of working on the allotment we stood in our kitchen watching our ducks revel in the rain.


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