Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Weeding (will it ever end)

The definition of a weed is any plant that is, in our opinion growing in the wrong place.

I honestly thought that come October the weeds would have stopped growing or at least slowed down, we have not weeded for a while and the weeds are smothering the soil. I'm not sure if this is usual,or if it's because of the mild weather we had recently. Whatever the case, I don't like it.

I am sort of tempted to spray something poisonous to get rid of them, I know that some of my fellow 'allotmenteers' embark on chemical warfare, but I will of course resist.  Organic growing isn't something that I really thought about,  but I have never used weed killer because it does not feel right. I want to try and do what comes naturally.

I do have an excellent tool for the job however, the Cape cod weeder.  It's a fantastic little device, it looks like little scythe.  The tool cuts the weeds below the surface on the forward and back stroke, I also turn it on it's side and with the point, nick out the weeds that have grown right next to the precious plants.
It does not come cheap however, I paid £17.99.  It's a De Witt tool and therefore extremely well made, and it was worth every penny as it makes short work of unwanted greenery, and does a really thorough job.

Cape Cod Weeder

However I am still on the look out for a long handled weeding tool.  My friend said that she'd heard about something called a Swedish Hoe, so I Googled it.  This proved not to be a good idea as things of a dubious Swedish nature appeared.  If I had been looking for a hot tub with a Swedish lady my search would have been over immediately. Having inserted garden into the search, the response to Swedish Garden hoe was not much better, displaying only Dutch garden tools.  Friend rang up in a panic, said she'd got it wrong, it was a Hula Hoe (I didn’t choose to delve into why she got it wrong).
I have located one but it only has a short handle so I will have to be patient.

Job done (until the next time)

Weeding is quite therapeutic.  I think it is about seeing what needs doing, working methodically and looking back at what you've accomplished, even though it won't last.
And whilst you work listening to the birds singing, the leaves rustling and the occasional thud of an apple falling to the ground , today I had a Blackbird as a companion, a happy opportunist waiting for a juicy worm.
Even better than that I had my husband with me helping, and making tea.


  1. I was weeding today as well, and thought exactly the same. When will it ever end?!

    I'm reluctant to use chemical weed killers as well, so will have to check and see if I can find a cape cod weeder anywhere!

    Good luck on your search for a hula hoe! Your comments about searching for a Swedish one were hilarious :)

  2. So is a hula hoe one you put round your waist, wiggle a lot and as it spins it weeds!!! I like the look of the cape cod weeder and will put it on my xmas list - thanks for the tip x

  3. I had similar google results once when I mistakenly missed a "T" whilst searching for the Camelia Botnar Foundation. Say no more. :)

  4. Heya! Just wanted to let you know I've named you for a Liebster Award! http://nowandgwen.com/2011/11/03/liebster-blog-love/

  5. Is there a reason you dont use a mulch of some sort? I use shredded sugar cane - it breaks down & needs to be replaced each season but it feeds the soil also.

  6. I have got a fabulous weeding tool very similar to your Cape Cod Weeder called a Niwashi. They also come in long handle here in NZ. Not sure about the UK. I would never be without one now.